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Matterhorn Masters - Online education - you can work around your own schedule in order to accommodate your studies – and Matterhorn Masters allows you to do so!


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Matterhorn Masters is a Swiss institution with international reach, dedicated to offering a high standard of education with a Swiss guarantee to adult students from all around the world, regardless of age, educational or other background.

Our Values

Offering top standards of education

Delivering a gold standard in education for every student.

Supporting our students wherever they are

Backed by a strong support network, we're there for our students no matter the location.

Inspiring out students to become the best professionals

Fueling the journey from student to seasoned professional.

Introducing Swiss education and values to our students

Bringing Swiss quality and values into every aspect of our students' education.


Staff at Matterhorn Masters

Roland von Euw

Dr. (University of Liverpool)

Founder of vE Educational Excellence, the company behind Matterhorn Masters

"I believe in lifelong learning for everyone"

Our support team

People at Matterhorn Masters

Caroline Albert, Counsellor and Administration

People at Matterhorn Masters

Vicky Loras, Counsellor and Instructor


Our plan behind MM
Matterhorn Masters is an institution which has been founded, in order to bring various facets of adult Swiss education to prospective students, regardless of where they are in the world, what moment in their lives and which level of education they have completed.

What we offer
Matterhorn Masters is comprised of a highly qualified and experienced team, with years of experience in teaching, education, direction and administration of educational institutions.
Apart from exceptional guidance and administration at the beginning and throughout your studies, we offer high-quality education for adult professionals, from our detailed and well-planned materials to our one-to-one and small group sessions, which are planned for feedback, exam practice and any needs the students require.

Connection to Swiss education 
Each course has been designed on the basis of the spectacular quality of Swiss education. Matterhorn Masters aims to offer this to students worldwide and fulfil the needs of professionals, with any level of education, who wish to learn more and obtain qualifications regarding various facets of Swiss economy, law, insurance and so many more. 

International impact
With Matterhorn Masters, we aim to educate people all over the globe in many topics of Swiss economy, education, law and insurance to name a few. Additionally, we would like our institution to stand out as a provider of high-level, quality and specialist knowledge.