Matterhorn Masters is an institution which believes in the constant support of our students, every step of the way; before, during and after their studies.

Whether you need advice with what to start studying in our institution, or how to keep going after you finish, or what else to incorporate in your studies while you are a student with us, we are here to assist you with professionals who will guide you and help you reach your fullest potential.

Your Opportunities in Switzerland

Are you interested in an in-depth counselling about your opportunities in Switzerland in general? Learn more about the value of Vocational Education in Switzerland? Then our in-depth counselling might be of interest for you.

Study Support

We have got a dedicated Study Support team here at Matterhorn Masters. Whether you’re stuck on a tricky concept, need some tech help, or just want tips on how to get the most out of your course, we’ve got your back. Our team of experienced educators and support staff are on hand to offer personalised advice and resources to keep you on track. 

Cheerful young adult student getting expert support from Matterhorn Matters