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Matterhorn Masters offers programs in academic English for adult students of all ages.

If English is not your first language and you are willing to pursue your studies at Matterhorn Masters, but you are not certain about your level of English, we have our Language Support department to help you and accompany you the whole way, until the end of your studies.

Feel free to contact Vicky Loras, our language specialist to discuss your concerns and map out your studies together.

Speak to Our Specialist

People at Matterhorn Masters

Vicky Loras

With teaching experience and student guidance since 1997, Vicky will assist and accompany you every step of the way in your studies.

Contact our specialist for any inquiries you may have before you even start, in order to choose the program that best suits you and your needs.

For further information or to book an appointment, E-mail Vicky Loras or call at +41412484177 to speak with her directly.

Online Resources for English Studies

As English is the language of all studies at Matterhorn Masters, if you are not certain of your English language level, you can:

  • Speak to our Specialist, Vicky Loras for further guidance and to book lessons with her, in order to enhance your English language skills.
  • Take the Cambridge Linguaskill Business Practice Test in order to check your language level before you start.

As an enrolled student, you benefit from a selection of several online resources which you can use either before you start your studies in order to refresh your knowledge, or to help you during your studies.

Cambridge Business Linguaskill